About the Club

Our Objectives

To help members to train their dogs to be well-behaved companions.

To develop a standard of training so that those members who wish to compete in any discipline with their dogs may do so.

To achieve these objectives the Club runs training courses with ongoing assessments and also organises other events to encourage and assist members to achieve their aims.

Your Dog

Your dog will become what his genetics, his environment, and of course you; his owners make him.

Dogs, just like humans, start to develop from the day they are born so it is important to begin to teach them acceptable behaviour right from the start.

With the help of your Instructors together with some thought and effort in training him you should have a dog who will be a happy member of your household who you can take out and about with you knowing he will behave.

The Club has a wealth of varied experience and knowledge amongst the Instructors and Committee members so if you feel you have a problem with your dog or there is an aspect of training with which you need advice please refer to the list later in these notes or ask to speak with someone.

Please note that bitches in season and puppies who have not been vaccinated cannot attend training.

Dogs with serious behaviour issues may be advised to have help outside of classes initially until progress has been made so that neither the dog concerned nor the rest of the class are subjected to unnecessary stress.

Clothing and Equipment

Please wear comfortable clothes when you train your dog and avoid garments that may flap in your dog’s face or otherwise distract him.

Sensible, safe footwear rather than flip-flops or heeled shoes are also recommended.

Check-collars or other harsh equipment are not allowed and we do not recommend all-in-one slip collar/leads for obedience class use.

A flat training collar and a webing or leather lead between 4 and 6 feet in length are most suitable.

Headcollars or harnesses are also excellent for helping certain dogs to relax and concentrate.

Legal Responsibilities.

Owners have legal liability for their dog’s actions so if your dog causes damage or injury to humans or animals or someone’s property you could be held responsible.

Farmers have the right to claim damages and where necessary to shoot any dog running free amongst or appearing to be worrying their livestock.

It is a legal requirement for any dogs away from their owner’s premises to wear a collar with an identification tag showing owner’s name and telephone number together with house name/ number and postcode.

In the light of the above it is therefore recommended that members ensure they have insurance cover either under their household policy or as a specialised policy through one of the Companies who offer specific animal insurance cover.

Officers of the Club
Val Duplock Chair Telephone 01444 401127 e-mail: valduplock@btinternet.com
Duncan Reynolds Treasurer Telephone 01403 782059 e-mail: d.reynolds321@btinternet.com
Pat Reynolds Secretary Telephone 01403 784002 e-mail: pat.reynolds7@sky.com