Working Trials is a self help group with no set classes.

The meetings start at 9.00 a.m. on Sunday mornings and run until lunchtime.

Training happens no matter what the weather.





To teach the dog to follow a human scent track for half a mile, finding articles left along the way.

To teach the dog to search an area of 25 sq. yards to find human scented articles and return with them to the handler.


Heelwork at normal, fast & slow pace.

Retrieve a dumbell.

Sendaway (later with redirection).

Steadiness to gunshot.

Speak on command.

A long recall.

10 minute down stay & 2 minute sit stay, (handler out of sight of the dog for both stays).


3 ft hurdle.

9 ft long jump.

6 ft scale.

The smaller dogs do smaller sized jumps

We hope that all the dogs will become proficient in Working Trials exercises and we will help you to achieve this.

Working trials section contacts C.C. Guard 01428 707620