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Chair – Eunice Pearson

Secretary – Pat Reynolds

Treasurer – Trudy Nye

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Hi everyone,


I do hope everyone is keeping well and have not been affected too badly by the terrible virus that is causing havoc with everyone’s lives, not forgetting our dear dogs and cats who are no doubt suffering by their confusion into what’s coming next for them.


I wonder if you could please all do me a favour.  Could you please encourage all those in your classes or your section in the club to please read the website if they have that facility.  We will be using the website to keep everyone informed of what we are doing during these uncertain times.  Thank you.


I wanted to let you know where we are with the management of the club at the moment.  As you are no doubt aware we are in our AGM period now, but this has had to be delayed for the time being.  The Kennel Club are saying that all registered clubs need to hold their AGM’s by next year’s date, so we can hold 2 AGM’s on the same day, which would seem to make sense.  That does raise an issue in getting our accounts agreed for the past year, and also agreeing our officers for the coming year.


We have held one management meeting via Zoom recently which was a success, but I think for the numbers we would expect at an AGM that would not be practicable.  At our next meeting we will discuss how best to let our membership know the state of the club financially, which of course has been affected by the lack of course fees and also new members joining the club.  However, because we have some funds in reserve we remain in a strong financial position.


Officers -  all current officers are happy to remain in post for another year, unless anyone would like to put their names forward.


Training - With regard to training, both agility and obedience have been training again recently, although unfortunately due to the latest lockdown they have had to put that on hold again.  They are hoping to run a couple of classes in each section before the Christmas break.  Please keep a look out for advice from instructors as to when they are training.


Shows – the Obedience Show is booked again for 2021, and everything is in place for that to go ahead on the 26th June at Horsham Rugby Club.  Please put the date in your diary as we will need help setting the show up on the Friday, 25th June, and taking the show down and loading the trailer, etc., on Sunday 27th June.


Sadly the Agility Show that we have been running for many years, has been cancelled.  With my continuing health problems, and the likelihood of further surgery in the next few months - I am one of the lucky ones and have had 2 new knees in the last 6 months, but other replacement bits maybe needed or certainly repaired, such as shoulders and hip and therefore I cannot commit to running the agility show.  Once everything is repaired my beautiful Boacea will not be able to keep up with me!!!!  If there is someone who would be prepared to take over the running of the show, obviously with my full support please let me know as we would love for the show to continue from 2022.


Membership.  As many of you will be aware, membership for 2021 needs to be renewed from 1st January 2021.  I will be sending the membership forms out by post in the next few weeks.  If you can please send the forms back as soon as possible together with payment – Trudy, our Treasurer, has put out an appeal for payment to be made via BACS, which will make her life a lot easier as it will save a trip to the bank for her, as she is trying to stay away from the town as much as possible.  Thank you.


I hope I have covered some of our admin. tasks at the moment.  If you need to contact me please do so at rather than the dog club email address which my system does not like at the moment.  I do hope you all stay well and I look forward to seeing you all back at club in the New Year.  In the meantime have a safe time at Christmas.


Pat Reynolds


Billingshurst Dog Training Club






Obedience Section Representatives:  Maureen Strange – Tel: 01293 851170; Les Cocks; Richard Crew; Elaine Heath; Alison Poulton; Ann Reynolds: Duncan Reynolds: Graham Reynolds: Pat Reynolds; and Julia Wra




Ann Reynolds was overwhelmed by the card and flowers we gave her as a thank you for being a class Helper for so many years. We wished her a happy retirement although we still hope to see her at club and being involved with events.


As last reported, we started a Beginner and Advanced Beginner course on 30th September with much relief from the class members. Huge thanks must go to Elaine, with Jane helping, for taking the two Beginner classes, and to Marion, with Julia helping, for taking the Advanced Beginners – not just for taking the classes but also for doing the extra duties required by the Rudgwick Parish Council (RPC) for minimising the risk of Covid19 at the hall.


Sadly, the course was disrupted by the November Covid19 lockdown. Thankfully, we were able to get 5 weeks of training in before the closure of the hall and then we were able to start back again with enough available weeks to complete the course in full before Christmas. Once again there was much relief all round. Enormous thanks again the Elaine, Jane, Marion and Julia for supporting their class members – their comments regarding the classes are below; the rest of the team have missed not being at club to offer more support, and also to see the handlers and dogs progress through their classes.


Beginner course

Those in the Beginner Classes worked really hard and achieved a lot.  We did have a bit of a hic-up with another lock down mid-course but at least we managed to complete the course before the end of the year - and have some fun at the same time!  Thank you to Jane for her invaluable help.  Our members seemed to enjoy it too …   Here are some of the comments we received:

“Also, can I thank you so much for such a fab beginners’ course.

Always so engaging and informative and fun.

Quinn has learnt loads and I love the fact we’ve been coming over 10 years now on and off. It has to be testament to you and your colleagues!” 

“Thank you for a great course, hopefully we can attend another one with you one day soon!”


“Thank you both for an enjoyable class and for all the work you have all put in to be able to start up again, it is much appreciated.”


We also had a celebrity in our midst!  Collie-cross Storm was rehomed via the RSPCA.  He – together with his new owner Amy - landed a starring role in the recent Christmas advert for the RSPCA!  We’ll be taking the credit for that one too of course!

Comments from Elaine Heath 4.1.21


Advanced Beginner course

Everyone in the class seemed so delighted to be able to come back to the class and get some support with their training. Everyone was focused, interested, keen to learn and - judging by the weekly progress - did their homework diligently! Several of the dogs (and a few of the handlers!) were rather 'excited' on Week 1, not surprising given how long it had been since they were last in the hall. But they settled down after that and all those who finished the course (ie five out of the original six) had made good progress over the weeks and all 'passed'. We really enjoyed taking the course. It was a shame that we couldn't be more definite with everyone about 'what happens next', but everyone understood, of course – one was keen to carry on training, the other 4 thought that they may well come back in the Spring.

Comments from Marion Clarke and Julia Wrathall 3.1.21


With the ongoing challenge of Covid19, for the pet obedience classes we had planned to start back on 13th January with just the Beginner and Advanced Beginner courses again.  A few reasons for this – the risk assessment requirements, plus restrictions on numbers and movement/integration within classes within a Community Hall setting, the reduced number of trainers able to take classes in this pandemic, and the sheer logistics of managing any disruption to classes.


For the ‘January’ Beginner course, we currently have 7 booked and for Advanced Beginners we have 4 booked places.  It looks like we may need to reduce our class size further, as the latest Government guidelines for Community Halls have changed again – numbers were determined by room size with 2m social distancing, but now, sadly, it looks like it may be back to max of 6.  We will seek clarification and expect to be issued with the RPC’s latest Risk Assessment and Conditions of Hire as soon as they have a date for reopening the hall.


Competition Class – Pat has kindly provided comments for this class below.

Our Competition obedience class is going well.  Eunice joined us with her GSD Louis at the beginning of the course we started following lockdown.  Unfortunately, along with the rest of the Obedience Section we have been subject to lockdown once again for the COVID pandemic.  The class will be growing when we go back later this year with Graham, Eunice and myself and we anticipate that the class will be joined by Wendy.  We are also aware of a couple of other people who have shown interest.  A very enjoyable class.

Pat 4.1.21


We have all missed our Christmas get-togethers – the Wednesday night party with games for handlers and dogs, plus our club meal where we relax and share time together.  We all look forward to time together again and a celebration soon.

Alison Poulton




Section Representatives: Graham Reynolds – Tel: 01403 784002,  Neil Nye – Tel: 07769814194,  Roz Ingram, Tracey Masters, Jackie Reid, Pat Reynolds, Ann Riches, Kate Russell, Sue Salisbury, Chris Woodrow.




As expected the agility classes have been stop/start due to the tier restrictions, but when the classes have been running, they have been really enjoyed by those participating.

I can only vouch for the class I teach and Graham’s class I participate in, but you really can get a lot done with a limited course and small numbers, and most have really excelled with the extra attention.


I don’t think we have lost any more current members who do not wish to participate in classes, just the occasional person who is now waiting for the jab, but are still hoping to come back when they can. We have 40 dogs listed for training when we restart with a Waiting List of 35.  However we lost 12 when we got our new Beginners. When we are allowed to we will start the new beginner’s class basically made up of already participating and old members, but only time and the government will control this. We have 40 dogs listed for training when we restart with a waiting List of 35. We are getting quite a few enquiries but no forms back as yet.


We had a timed course at the last set of lessons held in 2020 and it was amazing how both the handlers and dogs are doing.

The results are below, with some very positive comments from Graham.


Competition Night Results for December – Best of 3 Runs.

Thursday 3rd December – Advanced Beginners A.

1st.         Louise Moore & Bracken                               Clear                       25.69

2nd         Denise Jamieson & Rosie                             Clear                       39.37

3rd         Lauren Blair-Rains & Ava                              5 faults                    34.57

Brilliant run by Louise & Bracken and very good round by Denise and Rosie.


Beginners A Group

1st           Ellie Dingle & Frankie                                       Clear                                      20.66

2nd          Dani Borror & Gus                                            Clear                                      22.31

3rd           Suzy Lion & Rafa                                             5 faults                                   33.87

4th           Claire Clark & Chilli                                          15 faults                                 54.31

Fantastic run by Ellie and Frankie.  Absolutely flat out.  Dani & Gus usual fast round only just beaten.


Competition Night Results for 8th December – Best of 3 Runs

Early Group

1st           Ros Walker & Fia                                              Clear                                      31.32

2nd          Sue Salisbury & Rafferty                                   5 faults                                   51.31

3rd           Annie Timson & Buddy                                     Eliminated                              81.13

Really well controlled round by Ros & Fia in very good time.  Good effort from Sue & Rafferty who got round in good time for only 5 faults.  Annie & Buddy did well but the Course didn’t suit a bif free running dog.


Top Group

No Competition – No attendees except Tracey &  Freddy.


Competition Night Results for 10th December – Best of 3 Runs

Advanced Beginners B Group

1st           Helen Wood & Rosie                      Clear                                      41.12

2nd          Fiona Hughes & Alfie                      Clear                                      41.69

Both Helen & Rosie & Fiona & Alfie got round Clear in very close times.  Very good control by both handlers


Beginners B Group

1st           Rob Kershaw & Bonny                   Clear                                      32.29

2nd          Sylvia Coley & Luna                       5 faults                                   42.31

Rob & Bonny went Clear in 2  runs.  The other time was 32.34, and  with 5 faults in 32.44.  Amazingly consistent. Sylvia & Luna got round all 3 times.


Competition Night for 15th December – Best of 3 Runs

Advanced Early Group

1st           Angharad Moore & Jazz                                Clear                                      30.66

2nd          Carol Booker & Saffie                                    Clear                                      31.56

3rd           Kate Russell & Fife                                       Clear                                      36.31

4th           Belinda Welbourn & Ollie                              Eliminated                              34.03

A high quality group having 7 Clear Rounds between them.  Angharad & Jazz got 2 of the fastest and Carol Booker & Saffie got all 3 runs Clear, 31.56, 34.37 & 36.97.

Intermediate Group

1st           Neil Nye & Stanlee                                          Clear                                      39.66

2nd          Lynne Watkins & Kaelen                                 Eliminated                              38.82

Neil & Stanlee got round Clear twice, with the 2nd run in 40.75.  Very consistent times, both good rounds as was his 3rd but a mistake at the end got him eliminated.  Lynne & Kaelen  got eliminated close to home all 3 times and had good times.


Only time will tell how the section gets on this year, but fingers crossed we can get back to normality(ish) by the middle of the year. FINGERS CROSSED!! But then again who knows, as I am sitting writing this waiting for Boris’s next press conference!

Finally thanks to Graham for the hard work he is putting in trying to keep on top of the changes constantly happening in the Agility section.


Neil 04/01/21





Working Trials Section Representatives:  Stan Ford – 01306 712298; Valerie Harrison.

Sadly the venue has been in lockdown due to shielding since last March, therefore the Working Trials section has not been  operating.



Graham Reynolds – Tel: 01403 784002.  Email: graham.reynolds13

Graham was organising the Flyball sessions for later on this year, however this has now been put on hold till further notice.



Charity Coordinator Sue Salisbury. email:

Charities 2015: Kit Wilson Aged Dog Accommodation and WADARS: Money raised £3000.
Charities 2016:
War Dogs Remembered and Animal Health Trust: Money raised £2100.

Charities 2017: Sussex Caring Pets and Medical Detection Dogs: Money raised £1600. 

Charities 2018: Blind Dog Rescue and Pet Blood Bank: Money raised £1900.

Charity 2019: Garbo's GSDR: Money raised £2600

Money raised and donated to Battersea and Pets As Therapy in 2020 : £660.00


Each year a different charity/charities is chosen by Billingshurst Dog Training Club for which we raise funds through various events and personal donations, and for 2020, we have chosen Pets as Therapy and Battersea Dogs Home. We will continue to support these chosen charities during 2021.

Please help BDTC to raise funds for these worthwhile charities.






Established in 1860, they are one of just a few animal rescue centres that run a non-selective intake policy. This means they accept any breed of animal, at any age, including dogs or cats with serious medical and behavioural problems. 

Their expert team of dog trainers and veterinary staff give the animals in their care the best possible chance of a fresh start in a happy new home.

They work hard to educate the public about responsible pet ownership including microchipping, neutering and training. This includes educational talks and visits to schools and organisations, events, and publications. 



Pets As Therapy is a national charity founded in 1983 by Lesley Scott-Ordish.
They enhance health and wellbeing in the community through the visits of trusted volunteers with their behaviourally assessed animals. They provide a visiting service in hospitals, hospices, nursing and care homes, special needs schools and a variety of other venues all across the UK.


Their therapeutic visits:

  • Enhance lives in our communities by providing companionship and friendship and helps to tackle loneliness.
  • Improve the lives of people suffering from debilitating mental and physical health conditions and illnesses such as Autism, Dementia and Stroke by including animal assisted interventions as part of a holistic approach to treatment.
  • Improve literacy in children by developing their confidence, interest and enjoyment in reading through our read2dogs scheme.





The best way to pay your course fees and membership subscriptions is online. It is the quickest and easiest way to pay the club.

Contact Trudy at for the bank details.

However, the treasurer has reminded me that if you wish to pay a cheque, please can your write out the clubs full name BILLINGSHURST DOG TRAINING CLUB as the banks are getting a bit strict on how the name is written.

Your forms will still need to be returned to the relevant people, i.e. Treasurer/Membership Secretary in respect of Membership Forms; Pat Reynolds in respect of Application Forms for Obedience – both pet obedience and competition obedience; Graham Reynolds for Agility.




I hope you all enjoyed this copy of ‘DOG ENDS’ and have found something of interest.

If you need to find anything out about Billingshurst Dog Training Club, the best place is to check out the website which I try to keep updated regularly.

If you have anything you would like added (or put in ‘DOG ENDS’) e.g. results, articles, notices, something doggy to sell/wanted etc, or maybe a picture of you and/or your dog in action in your doggy discipline, please contact me at, and I will be pleased to add it.

Contributions for the next issue and website are always gratefully received.    

As ever, a very big thankyou to all of you who contributed to this edition of ‘DOG ENDS’

                                                                                                        The Ed.




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