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Chair – Eunice Pearson

Secretary – Pat Reynolds

Treasurer – Trudy Nye

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AT THE A.G.M.     




BDTC will be holding their AGM on Friday 29th November 2019. Please come along and support your club, and have your say about how the club is run!!

Billingshurst Dog Training Club will be holding their



TIME: 19.30 for 20.00

VENUE: St Gabriel’s Church Hall, East Street, Billingshurst, RH14 9QH

All members and friends are welcome.

Please come along and contribute. The committee are all volunteers and we need the input and support of all the club members. They help run the club for the benefit of all its members and their dogs.

The club needs charities to choose for 2019/2020, so if you have any suggestions, please fill in the form at the end of ‘DOG ENDS’ and email or send it to Sue Salisbury (or give to your section rep!) by 29th September 2019.

You will be required to do a short write up of the charity and provide a website address so people can look them up before the AGM (see below in the Charity section).


Just a reminder. When voting at the AGM, only single members, and one person from your family membership can vote:











Pat, our ever capable secretary has asked me to add the following note to the newsletter. The Ed

 ‘A big thank you for the good wishes, cards and flowers following my recent procedure.  It is so much appreciated.


’The views expressed in articles in this Newsletter are not necessarily the views held by the Billingshurst Dog Training Club and its Main Committee’






Saturday 16th November 2019

3 Workshops

Workshop 1 9.30 – 11. 30

Workshop 2 12.00 – 14.00

Workshop 3 14.30 -16.30

After hosting a successful day with Craig in January, we have invited him back for another day.

Internationally renowned seminar leader and author, Craig Ogilvie, is a highly experienced Certified Canine Behaviourist and Trainer, Police Dog Training Instructor and Mondioring Decoy (Licensed in France). Craig will teach you how using Interactive Play helps to create a unique and special experience to share with your dog.

Craig works with each dog individually, so he will help you from scratch or build on what you can already do together.

Please see full details at

Venue: Rudgwick Village Hall, Bucks Green RH12 3JN (on A281)

£45 per dog and one handler (6 dogs/handlers per workshop)
£15 per spectator (spectating one workshop)

To book please contact Alison at







Back in July, one of the very longstanding members of BDTC, Sylvia Benstead, sadly passed away after a very short battle with cancer. A short while previous to this, her lovely dog Stolli was put to sleep after suffering a massive stroke that the vet did not think he would recover from. Sylvia was a popular and well liked member of our club.  The end, when it came, came quickly. Her final days were spent in a lovely local nursing home where she was looked after very well.


Last time Elaine Heath saw Sylvia she told her she’d quite like to be taken in a horse-drawn funeral carriage through the village, but we know that didn’t happen. Sadly, the family chose a direct funeral and members did not get a chance to say a proper goodbye. But, she was lucky in that many of her friends were able to go and say goodbye to her at the hospital and nursing home.


Sylvia was a stalwart of the club and would be seen supporting the club in many ways over the many years she had been a member.


Sylvia’s main love was, of course, Agility, but she was involved in the Obedience Section for many years too.

Her dogs, Monty, Millie and Kessie all went through the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme with BDTC to Gold Level.  A fantastic achievement.


But Stolli had other talents..!

I, personally, will especially miss Sylvia and Stolli, as I had the great honour and pleasure of running Stolli at agility training and at a number of agility shows. This I took over from Ros Ingram, who ran and trained Stolli for many years before me. This year, Stolli and I had our best year ever in competitions, and when I saw Sylvia in hospital just a few weeks before she passed away, she reminisced about how much she thought we had both improved and how proud she felt of us both as a team. We had achieved quite a few clear rounds at Sands Farm this year, achieving a fourth, as well as doing well in the club competition evenings.


Sylvia was a lovely lady with a lovely dog, and I am sure she is sadly missed by many members at BDTC.              

                                                                                                                             The Ed.                                                



Obedience Section Representatives:  Maureen Strange – Tel: 01293 851170; Les Cocks; Richard Crew; Elaine Heath; Alison Poulton; Ann Reynolds: Duncan Reynolds: Graham Reynolds: Pat Reynolds; and Julia Wrathall.


Top Class – Rally Obedience

 This year we have again run two Rally Obedience courses for the Top Class during the summer months when we are able to work outside.  Unfortunately though, we have been ‘challenged’ by the weather on a number of occasions, with torrential rain one week and on another, when we had scorching heat, we took the decision to cancel all Obedience classes!

In Rally, the handler and dog are referred to as a ‘team’ and we have had several new ‘teams’ join us this year.  As ever, all are having to cope with the new distraction of working outside (think rabbit droppings here!), on top of learning the new sport - and I have to say the standard has been incredibly high.  I have it on good account that several of the new handlers were practicing the exercises while on holiday before they’d even come to a class – and without their dogs!  You know who you are!

On our final week we will set a course – with no practice session beforehand.  I have no doubt whatsoever they will all sail through it!

The Top Class is always fun to teach as it’s a very ‘sociable’ class.  A big thank you to Ann, Liz and Wendy for helping with the classes.  And, to Judy too for helping out at short notice.         

                                                                             Elaine Heath, Obedience Instructor



It’s been a very exciting time for Mavis and Harry recently with lots of cards, good wishes and a party at one of our training days!

Why you might ask?


Mavis and Harry have recently qualified to work championship C in obedience.

Harry is a seven year old Golden retriever. However, you don’t see many goldens in the ticket class, so it is even more special for them.

Mavis and Harry have worked their way up through the classes gaining their obedience warrant along the way.

They have that perfect partnership together and it is a joy to watch them work. They have achieved this through play, food and motivation and having that special relationship also helps.

So let’s all wish them the very best in the forthcoming shows.

Dave and Anne Burge


On the subject of qualifying, Lorna Hilton and her dog Lenny, qualified for Crufts at the Petersfield Show earlier in the year.



After the success of last year’s charity fun evening, the obedience section and trainers agreed to arrange another fun night on Wednesday 17th July 2019. The weather was perfect, so we were able to hold all the activities on the playing field at Rudgwick. Mandy Govier (The White Orchid, Hydrotherapy for dogs) and her friend Angie kindly agreed to judge the very popular exemption show fun classes. A big thank you for doing a great job. The Fun Challenge was organised by Wendy Adcock and Ann Reynolds and was a variety of exercises that tested the activities they would encounter on a day to day basis.  Wendy said that the standard was very good, though some lost marks for using the lead, over handling and extra commands. Wendy also made a spectacular Malteaser cake which was won by Jaqui Wilson for guessing the closet number of Malteasers that were on the cake (225).                                                                                  

Liz Hiles made a number of obstacles, and with the help of Liz Brendon, ran a fun obstacle course. Julia Wrathall prepared the doggy quiz which had everyone wracking their brains, comparing answers or getting out their smart phones!                                                                               Luisa Greg (Galen Therapy) was in attendance to give doggy massages, this was arranged by Jo Macleod, who also made homemade dog biscuits for sale along with Susie Lyons’ delicious jars of honey from her bees.                                                                                      We ended a very enjoyable evening in the village hall, where the raffle was drawn. Rosettes and prizes were handed out to the winners in each clas,s and tea, coffee and homemade cakes were provided.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             A huge thank you to everyone who organised and helped, made cakes, gave prizes for the raffle and also those who attended, helping to raise £228.50p towards this year’s charity, Garbo’s GSD Rescue.



1st Robert Kelsey and Megan                    2nd Jo Macleod and Lola

3rd Duncan Reynolds and Toffee              4th Maureen Strange and Phebo.

5th Jackie Allen and Themba.                     6th Richard Crew and Robbie.



Friendliest dog

1st Themba – Black Lab                  2nd Harley – Cocker Spaniel

3rd Bodicia – boxer                          4th Jaffa – Cocker Spaniel

5th Raffa – Cavaliar K Ch.               6th Phebo – Collie/GSD


Dog most like it’s owner.

1st Sampson – Boxer                                   2nd Megan – Corgie

3rd Harley – Cocker                                      4th Jazz – Terrier

5th Luna – X                                                   6th Luna – Rottweiler.


Dog the Judge would most like to take home.

1st Luna – Rottweiler.                     2nd Phebo – Collie/GSD

3rd Toffee – G.Retriever.                4th Kizzy – Standard Poodle.

5th Rosie – Collie/Australian Shepherd.               6th Milo – Labrador.


Best Trick.

1st Lola – Labrador              2nd Luna – X              

3rd Kizzy – Poodle.               4th Roxy – Cocker spaniel.

5th Phebo – Collie/Gsd        6th Robbie – Shetland sheepdog.



1st Liz Brendon and Lesley Milne.

2nd Pat & Graham Reynolds and Wendy Fisher.

3rd Jaqui Wilson and Wendy Jennings.                          


                                                                                                             Marion Clarke






On the morning of Saturday the 17th August, the club hosted Luisa Greig from Galen therapy centre, who ran a canine massage workshop. 7 people and their dogs attended and were shown how to apply basic massage techniques which have an overall positive impact on their dog’s health.

The workshop consisted of both theory and practical sessions with 1:1 tuition to ensure these techniques were applied correctly. The workshop was not only informative but great fun and a lovely way to spend a morning with your dog learning something different. There was also delicious homemade cake and refreshments.

The morning raised £160 for BDTC’s charity Garbo’s. We will be hosting another morning on the 4th April 9.30-13.00. For further information please contact                                               Jo Macleod


The section  have one further event planned which they hope will also raise a good amount of money for Garbo’s, and that is the Craig Ogilvie training day on 16th November at Rudgwick Village Hall. (More details earlier of the newsletter)

                                                                                                               Maureen and Alison


Section Representatives: Graham Reynolds – Tel: 01403 784002,  Neil Nye – Tel: 07769814194,  Roz Ingram, Tracey Masters, Jackie Reid, Pat Reynolds, Ann Riches, Kate Russell, Sue Salisbury, Chris Woodrow.


Due to Graham’s busy schedule, it was decided at the last section meeting that Graham should delegate more jobs in the Agility section. The section report has now fallen upon me, and I feel this will probably be a hard act to follow, but I will try to do my best!  Graham is still in the driver’s seat although I think he will find it hard to take it a bit easier.

At present, the section has 41 dogs in training and a waiting list of 34. Sadly we still have a few injured dogs/handlers at present.

At the end of August, Thursday advanced beginners group moved to the early class on Tuesday. A new beginners’ class started then, bolstering the class numbers again and getting the waiting list down a little.

Unfortunately, the section has decided to stop the YKC group. The youngsters we have worked hard to help train over the last few years, have decided to move on. Very disappointing as the section has put so much hard work into their training. The decision to close the YKC class has, however, taken the pressure off the trainers.

The following are the results so far for the agility competition nights. At the time of going to print, all groups had one more competition night.


Competition Night Results for 2nd June 2019.

Early & Advanced Early Group.

1st       Nicky Richards & Dino                    17.85 faults               62.85 secs*

2nd       Kim Nye & Mocha                           Eliminated                 44.56

3rd       Carol Booker & Saffie                     Eliminated                 72.28

4th       Neil Nye & Stanlee                          Eliminated                 96.59

5th       Val Bolton & Star                             Eliminated              100.13

Intermediate & Top Class.

1st        Tracey Masters & Freddy               Clear                           30.28

2nd       Kim Nye & Twix                                5 faults                       39.63

3rd       Trudy Nye & Lexi                             5 faults                       42.07

4th       Rosie Verdon & Taz                         5 faults                       58.03

5th       Louise Moore & Willow                 Eliminated                 44.66

6th       Tara Evans & Maisie                       Eliminated                 56.72

7th       Richard Crew & Robbie                  Eliminated                 94.94

*Course time 60 seconds.

Donovan Reid placings after 4 Competition Nights

1st        Tracey Masters & Freddy 38        2nd        Trudy Nye & Lexi 30

3rd       Kim Nye & Twix 26              4th       Kim Nye & Mocha 25

5th       Amber Moores & Lacey 24            6th       Rosie Verdon & Taz 20

7th       Neil Nye & Stolli 20        7th                 Neil Nye & Stanlee 20



Tillington Admiral Cup for Advanced Beginners placings after 3 Competition Nights

1st        Rachel Langer & Lexi 19                 2nd       Louise Bidlake & Cookie 16

3rd       Annie Timson & Buddy 15  4th       Maisie Walker & Fia 10

Dudley Trophy for Beginners after 2 Competition Nights.

1st       Fiona Hughes & Alfie 19                 2nd       Ellie Watts & Max 17

3rd       Helen Wood & Rosie 14                 4th       Denise Knightly & Domino 12

5th       Hannah Secret & Minxie 11           6th       Gail Byrne & Lottie 8


We had a reasonably good turnout from the section and club in general, at the clubs Agility Show in July. It was a lot of hard work for those involved, but well worth it. Thank you to all who turned out. We have had a lot of positive feedback from attendees, judges and ring parties about how much they enjoyed the show.  Despite all of her treasurer, heavy mob and car park duties at the show, Trudy and Lexi had the added benefit of the section trophy for the most successful dog at the show. Please add your support to next year’s show!!

On the subject of shows, as well as the usual ring parties we attend every year, we have already been asked to do a demonstration at the Bignor Village Fair next year in June.                                                                                                                   Neil  



Graham Reynolds – Tel: 01403 784002.  Email: graham.reynolds13

Fabulous Flyball 2019

This year we had an excellent group, 9 of which had never done Flyball before.  The 3 attending who had joined us from last year were Maureen & Fibo, Kevin & Barney and the Top Dog Trophy winner of the last 3 years Sydney, run by Leigh & Jenny Perryman.

It took 4 weeks to get everyone to a standard where we could organise the competitions.  Week 1 saw Sydney break our record for the fastest run at 4.36 seconds.  The Flyball course measures 51 feet with 4 jumps to clear each way after taking the ball from the box which is triggered when the dog puts its paw on the footplate.  A total of 102 feet in 4.36 seconds!  Can anyone tell me what speed Sydney was travelling at please?

Our first competition was the Handicap. This was won by Pixy, who actually won it with a minus score of -1.75, much to the Handicapper’s embarrassment.            Nori came 2nd in 2.93 with handicap allowance and 3rd Milo in 3.81.  It was a great competition, the first ever for some dogs and it caused great excitement.

The Knockout Handicap saw Nori beat Barney in the final.  Race Night saw the dogs racing each other in 2 lanes and this was a great fun night.   Nori won with 6 wins, Kitcat was 2nd with 5 wins, Barney 3rd with 4 wins and Pixy was 4th with 3 wins.  The next competition was Pairs night.  Most of the dogs hadn’t done pairs running before in 3 lanes.  This caused a few hilarious runs until the dogs and handlers got the idea of how to do a change-over and not chase the out-coming dog or drop the ball, or go up the side of the lane or not go at all!!  All of the dogs were well socialised and got on very well and there were no incidents.  Great fun.  Eventually, Kitkat & Nori won with 4 wins, Fibo & Milo came 2nd with 3 wins and Pixy & Rosie came 3rd with 2 wins, after a run-off against Domino & Harry.

We had to cancel a couple of weeks before our final competition for the Top Dog 2019 Trophy competition.  This is for the fastest dog over 3 runs.  Sydney was going for his 4th title win this year and started with a run of 5.25, slow for him.  Barney did a 5.94  and Nori did a 5.71.  Sydney did a 4.81 and then a 4.62 to clinch his 4th win of the Robin Roffey Top Dog Trophy to be presented at the AGM in November.  Sydney has announced his retirement for a well earned rest so we will be looking for a new champion next year.

It was a very enjoyable fun course at a brilliant ideal venue, thanks to Valerie & Peter Harrison not only providing an excellent surface in their outdoor riding school, but also staffing and providing a golf buggy to transport the equipment to the Riding School and back to the store.  Our thanks to them for giving us the opportunity of having so much fun and making us so welcome.  Pat was there most weeks, sometimes confused as to how things worked but took times excellently and corrected the instructors errors when necessary! 

Thank you Pat, we are always a great team. The course raised £360 for our charity which was brilliant coming from such a fun time with a good friendly group.

Those attending the 10 week Course 20th May – 26th August were as follows:

Kevin Ridgeway & Barney, Leigh & Jenny Perryman & Sydney, Maureen Strange & Fibo, Caroline Baker & Steve & Kitcat, Jane & Max Wainwright & Sadie, Jean & Mitch Whiston & Nori, Jessica Gander & Milo, Denise Knightly & Domino, Nicky & Kevin Burke & Pixy, Claire Kershaw & Bonny, CC Guard & Harry, Wendy Fisher & Rosie.

Timer & Scoresheets Pat Reynolds, Box Loaders Max Wainwright & Kate Russell.    Instructor Graham Reynolds



Charity Coordinator Sue Salisbury. email:

Charities 2018: Blind Dog Rescue and Pet Blood Bank: Money raised £1900.

Money raised so far this year: £1756.30

Garbo's German Shepherd Dog Rescue  Registered Charity 1142451   

Garbo's German Shepherd Dog Rescue is a non-profit volunteer organisation dedicated to finding the right home for each dog in its care. They take in unwanted German Shepherd Dogs and provide shelter and care for them until they can find them a secure and loving home. They promote responsible dog ownership and provide an after care advice, support and guidance service for the new pet owner.  They need dedicated and caring owners to adopt their dogs which are sadly given into rescue for many diverse reasons e.g. owners become ill, divorce, go abroad, are evicted from their homes or can no longer afford such a large pet. Often the dog is very much loved and the owner is trying to do the "right thing" for the dog in difficult circumstances.



Over the year, the committee have been looking at our charity work and trying to ensure a more consistent approach from year to year.

Consequently, we are now publishing the charity form earlier so members have more time to consider which charities they wish to propose for next year's fund raising. (2019 -2020) The charities proposed will then be looked at by the committee to ensure they meet Charity Commission guide lines and BDTC criteria that it is a dog or dog related charity. The appropriate charities will then be taken to the AGM for voting by members. If you nominate a charity, you will be required to do a short write up of the charity and attend the AGM to give a brief talk about your nomination, and why you would like this charity to be considered. Your write up of the proposed charities (with links to the website) will be posted on the BDTC website.

Date for the form to be returned is Sunday 29th September 2019.




This is the deadline for you to propose a charity for the club to support in the coming year.

All sections of our club have for many years raised a considerable, worthwhile amount of money to benefit dogs of many breeds, shapes and sizes.  Although charity fundraising is not the main aim of the club, we have always supported either one or two dog or dog related charities each year, some national, some local, some personal to ourselves.

This year so far, we have raised £1,756.30 as of 1st September 2019, for Garbo’s German Shepherd Rescue. A very generous amount already. Please continue to support Garbo’s in the next couple of months. But now we need to think which charities we want to support next year 2019-2020.

Please use the charity form in this newsletter or on your noticeboard, to nominate a charity in 2019-2020 that you feel deserves our support. The appropriate charities will be taken to the AGM for voting by members.

It needs;

  • To fit BDTC criteria that it is a dog or dog related charity
  • To meet Charity Commission guidelines and have a Charity Commission registration number and have accounts that are up to date. 
  • To tell us the aims and activities of the charity
  • To be proposed and seconded
  • The proposer, seconder or both need to come to the AGM and tell us briefly why you feel this is a charity we should be considering.

Forms please by email or by post (address is on the Charity Selection form at the end of the newsletter)


Thank you for taking the time to do this.  If you have any problems or need assistance please ask and I will try and help in any way I can.


Sue Salisbury                                                    Email



The best way to pay your course fees and membership subscriptions is online. It is the quickest and easiest way to pay the club.

For anybody who wants to take advantage of this payment system here are the bank details.

Sort code: 30 94 41 Account number: 01678041.

Contact Trudy at for more details.

However, the treasurer has reminded me that if you wish to pay a cheque, please can your write out the clubs full name BILLINGSHURST DOG TRAINING CLUB as the banks are getting a bit strict on how the name is written.

Your forms will still need to be returned to the relevant people, i.e. Treasurer/Membership Secretary in respect of Membership Forms; Pat Reynolds in respect of Application Forms for Obedience – both pet obedience and competition obedience; Graham Reynolds for Agility.






BDTC CHRISTMAS DINNER 16th December 2019

Before you know it, Christmas will be upon us. (What a horrible thought!! It’s still Summer!! The Ed). Put this date in your diary, and find time to book your place at the BDTC Christmas Dinner.

Venue: Greets Inn, Warnham.

Date: Monday, December 16th 2019

Cost: TBC (but probably similar to last year: £23.50)

All BDTC members, active or not, from all sections are welcome. Menus will be available from Agility and Obedience classes in the future, or contact Pat Reynolds.

It is always a great evening, with excellent company and marvellous food. Put it in

your diary!



In the coming season, Alison Poulton has reminded us that fireworks will start again. It's estimated that 45 percent of dogs in the UK show signs of fear when they hear fireworks. It doesn't have to be that way though, so don't ignore the problem. There are lots of simple things you can do to help your pet deal with fireworks. By preparing in advance before fireworks start your pet will be better able to cope with the noises. Download the ‘Fireworks Frighten Animals’ leaflet from the RSPCA website for more info.

How to calm dogs during fireworks

  • Walk them during daylight hours to avoid times when fireworks are likely to be set off.
  • Close windows and curtains to muffle the sound of fireworks.
  • Put on some music or the television to mask the firework sounds.
  • Create a quiet space where your dog can feel in control. Planning ahead can help dogs cope with the fireworks season.  
  • Talk to your vet about pheromone diffusers. These disperse calming chemicals into the room and may be a good option for your dog – in some cases your vet may even prescribe medication. Either of these options should be used in conjunction with behavioural therapy. Before the fireworks season starts, provide your dog with a doggy safe haven. This should be a quiet area so choose one of the quietest rooms in your home – it should be a place where they feel in control, so don’t interfere with your dog when they’re in that area. Train your dog to associate the area with positive experiences e.g. by leaving their favourite toys there but not imposing yourself at any time. Also, use a variety of chew toys, e.g. stuffed Kongs and chews and swap them regularly, putting them away when not in use so that your dog doesn’t become bored with them.
  • With time, dogs can learn that this place is safe and enjoyable. So when fireworks go off they may choose to go there because they know, in that place, no harm will come to them and so they are more able to cope. It is important that your dog has access to this doggy safe haven at all times – even when you’re not at home, when the fireworks start. Close any windows and black out the ‘doggy play area’ to remove any extra problems caused by flashing lights. Each evening before the fireworks begin, move your dog to the play area and provide toys and other things that they enjoy. Make sure that there are things for you to do too so that your dog isn’t left alone.
  • Ignore the firework noises yourself. Play with a toy to see if your dog wants to join in, but don’t force them to play. 
  • Never punish your pets when they are scared as this will only make things worse in the long run.

More details are available at the following website:




I hope you all enjoyed this copy of ‘DOG ENDS’ and have found something of interest.

Although it’s still a long way off, hopefully I will see most of you at the AGM at the end of November. Please come along and support us and contribute if you want to. It’s your club after all.

Don’t forget to fill in the Charity Selection form on the last page of ‘DOG ENDS’ if you have a worthwhile charity to nominate at the AGM, and don’t forget the deadline for nominations is the 29th September.


Also if you want to have a good night out (with excellent food and drink) with a group of like-minded dog people, come along and join the other club members at the BDTC Christmas Dinner on the 16th December. Details above!


If you need to find anything out about Billingshurst Dog Training Club, the best place is to check out the website which I try to keep updated regularly.


If you have anything you would like added (or put in ‘DOG ENDS’) e.g. results, articles, notices, something doggy to sell/wanted etc, or maybe a picture of you and/or your dog in action in your doggy discipline, please contact me at, and I will be pleased to add it.

Contributions for the next issue and website are always gratefully received.    

As ever, a big thanks to all of you who contributed to this edition of ‘DOG ENDS’

                                                                                                        The Ed.





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