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 SPRING/SUMMER Newsletter 2017

Chair (Temp) – Eunice Pearson

Secretary - Pat Reynolds

Treasurer – Trudy Nye

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The Club runs two Shows every year to maintain the profile of the Club in Obedience and Agility circles and to raise funds for equipment and reducing fees for membership.   We rely on help from our Members to support these Shows, which enable us to set them up and run them.  These are Club Shows, something all members can get involved with, whatever their discipline. We would love as many members as possible to help at both of these Shows as there is much to do; it is also good fun to work together and very satisfying to be a part of putting on a successful event.  It is fascinating to see the dogs working, to see what can be achieved with regular training and how much the dogs love it.  Help Sheets for both of these shows are at the end of this newsletter or you can pick one up at your Training venue.
Sadly, last year the setting up of the Obedience Show on the Friday received dismal support from our members.  If it had not been for some camping competitors’ helping it is difficult to know whether the show could have gone on!!  It is your Club.  We are provided with first class training and first class equipment. Your trainers put in an enormous amount of work to sustain the level of training required and give up their free time to support the club and all of its members. 
So can we again ask for members to support the Club by giving up a few hours of their time to keep these important events going?  Remember the more members involved, the less free time each individual member has to give. These events are great for family days out, so let’s work together this year and get as many members involved as possible and make our shows the talk of the dog club town!                                                                                                                             
Is it a Deal?                                              
Important dates for your Diary are:             Obedience Show –  
Setting up        Friday, 23rd June                
Show day         Saturday, 24th June                        
Taking down   Sunday, 25th June
Our Open Obedience Show is taking place at Horsham Rugby Club, Hammerpond Lane, Horsham.  We are running a back-to-back weekend with the South Eastern Dog Club.  Our Show is on the Saturday, and South Eastern is on Sunday. 
Friday We are setting up the Show on Friday and we need as much help as we can get to: • organise camping  •  set up the many rings needed at an Obedience Show •  mark up boundaries •  put up tents •  Get tables and chairs to the Rings.
Saturday On Saturday the Show opens very early with some competitors, not camping, arriving at 7 o’clock in the morning.  We need people to man the Car Park at this time. Any early risers?
Help is needed in the kitchen to:  • Provide the excellent lunch for Judges, Stewards and those working all day at the Show.   • Take and re-fill the Ring boxes with refreshments for those working in the Rings.
Stay Stewards are needed to staff the Stay Ring.  If you would like to do this please speak to Marion Clarke, Wendy Fisher or Eunice Pearson. 
Sunday The South Eastern Club will be running their Show. 
We need all the help possible to:  • Take down the Rings, tents and tidy the ground after the Show.
If you can spare a couple of hours from 4.30 pm it would be really appreciated by those who have worked most of the weekend helping at both Shows.  If we get a good attendance it shouldn’t take long to do this.
The Show is not all work and there is much to see and learn about Obedience.  You also get to work together with your Club Members, getting to know people and it is a social occasion. You can have a lovely lunch  if you work all day and become part of our team running a very popular and successful Show. 
Agility Show                                                      
Thursday 6th July                                     
Friday       7th July                                                 
Saturday   8th July                                     
Sunday     9thJuly
This year we are joining Surrey DTS for a joint weekend.  Surrey’s Show is on the Saturday, 8th July and the Billingshurst Show is on Sunday 9th July.  The Shows are at our usual venue, Cranleigh Showground, Bookhurst Road, Cranleigh, Surrey.
This weekend will attract a bigger entry and more camping, which in turn should give us a good profit to help to keep Club fees down and enable us to continue to provide top of the range equipment and facilities for our Members.
We will need a maximum turnout from our Members, both Agility and Club to enable us to put on a successful weekend and maintain our own shows highly rated reputation.
Thursday, 6th July we need help to: • Mark out the camping spots.  Time to be agreed.  
Friday, 7th July we need help to: • Setting up Rings  • Setting up equipment in the Rings • Marking out parking areas. This is done from 2pm and Surrey’s members will be assisting.   
Saturday, 9th July is Surrey’s Show and we are running a ring at their show, as we normally support them in August.  They also provide a ring party for our show.  We need help to: • After the Rings finish, to set up our Ring equipment and the barn for the next day, our Show.  
Sunday 10th July   we need help to: • To run the Show  • After the Show finishes to pack everything away  • Clear the Showground.
It is a lot of work but it is also an opportunity to meet members we don’t normally see and work together in a very friendly atmosphere to achieve a successful Show.  It always amazes me just how good our Rings look when they are set up.  It is very impressive.  If you work all day on the day of the Show you get a delicious bacon roll for breakfast (providing you are there early enough) and a wonderful lunch. 
Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated and we look forward to seeing you there.  Please ensure you fill out a sheet and sign up to support the Club.  Completed Sheets are to be handed to Graham Reynolds for Obedience and Pat Reynolds for Agility. Or you can scan and send your completed forms to graham.reynolds13



 We are sure we would like to know how to help our best friends out if they were injured or even worse suffered a cardiac arrest.  Edric Cross has agreed to come along to give us a talk on how we can provide the best care possible in a safe way.
Edric arrived as a locum with Arun Veterinary Group but was persuaded to stay after falling in love with the practice. He graduated in 1986 and now as Clinical Director, he brings a wealth of experience to the group.
If there is time Edric has also agreed to take questions on the evening.
 20TH SEPTEMBER 2017 7.00 For 7.30 p.m. To be held at Rudgwick Hall (On the A281 at Bucks Green) For further information and tickets                              Please contact:         Pat Reynolds on 01403 784002 Cost: £6.00 per person for non-members £5.00 per person for members  To include refreshments All profits to our charities of the year Medical Detection Dogs and Sussex Caring Pets

For those of you who were not in attendance at our AGM in November a proposal were put forward to remove the option of Associate Membership.  This proposal was voted in favour of by a majority vote.  Since then this Rule Change has been ratified by The Kennel Club in writing.
Associate Membership was introduced some years ago as an option for Beginner and Advanced Beginner classes in our Obedience Section only.  It was felt at the time, that as we could not guarantee places in our Club classes, Intermediate and Top classes it would be fairer to introduce a lower rate of membership.  Therefore, the cost of Associate Membership was set at £3.00.  This has been in place since the AGM in November 2004.  
The latest proposal was put forward because there are more opportunities to carry on training in our club classes after the Advanced Beginner Class and it is felt that there is so little difference in the cost to members in the difference between Associate Membership £3.00 which lasts for 16 weeks and Full Single or Family Membership; Single £7.50 and Family £10.00 per year with the year running from the 1st January to 31st December.  In addition, if new members join a course in October their membership covers them from October until December the following year. 
We also have more young people wishing to train with us and because of that they do need to be part of a Full Family Membership, to ensure insurance cover whilst under instruction in our classes.
 This change will take effect from 1st January 2018.
If you have any queries about this change please speak to Pat Reynolds, Club Secretary 01403 784002.                             Fees, Membership and Applications for Training
You can now pay your Membership Subscriptions and Course Fees online.  Please let the Treasurer know by e-mailing Trudy on
Bank  Lloyds Bank PLC Sort Code 30-94-41 Account No. 01678041      Please make the reference your surname and dogs name.
Your forms still need to be returned to the relevant people. These are: Trudy Nye for Membership forms;  Graham Reynolds for Agility application forms; Pat Reynolds for Obedience application forms – both Pet Obedience and Competition Classes. 

New Legislation
Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 all dogs in England, Scotland and Wales must be microchipped and registered from 6 April 2016.    
Breeders must ensure puppies are chipped by the age of 8 weeks old and cannot transfer ownership until this is done.  Owners, or the ‘keepers’ of dogs are required to ensure their details are kept up to date on an authorised microchip database. This onus is on the ‘keeper’ of the dog to register the details of any new owner, or report if the animal dies.  
Police and some Local Authority employees will be issued with microchip readers to ensure this law is enforced. If a dog is found not to be microchipped then the keeper may be served with a notice requiring it to be chipped with 21 days and face a £500 fine if they don’t comply with the notice.  
Only vets, a nurse or student acting on a vet’s directions or a person who has been on an approved training course may implant a microchip. The only exemption to registration is if the dog is a Certified Working dog or where there is a medical exemption and a vet has issued a certificate.  

Yellow Markers on Dogs or their leads
The Yellow Dog Project was created to bring awareness to dogs who need space while training, recovering from surgery, or who are being rehabilitated. Yellow Dog - Some dogs need space  if you see a dog with a YELLOW ribbon, bandanna or similar on the leash or on the dog, this is a dog which needs some space. Please, do not approach this dog or its people with your dog. They are indicating that their dog cannot be close to other dogs, so maintain distance and give them time to move out of your way. See for further details. 
In short, a yellow marker on a dog means it needs some space. Thank you! Those of us who own these dogs appreciate your help and respect.     
Pat Reynolds   

Section Representatives: Graham Reynolds – Tel: 01403 784002  Neil Nye – Tel: 01403 241578 Natalie Dalrymple, Cheryl Harwood, Roz Ingram, Tracey Masters, Jackie Reid, Pat Reynolds, Ann Riches. Chloe Thompson, Sam Walter. 
*Note: Representatives highlighted in bold are also members of the Main Committee
LHO – Lower Height Option 
The last season was very interesting as the new heights were introduced to classes.  Surprisingly, in the Large group there seemed an even split of handlers choosing to jump Large and Standard heights and Clubs are splitting the groups as Part 1 and Part 2 of the class when possible.  Few Medium dogs are taking advantage of the opportunity to jump small.  Very few Small dogs are jumping Micro.  Things seem to be settling down and so far the changes have not caused a lot of conflict.    
Agility Section Membership 
We currently have 50 dogs in training and a Waiting List of 38.  We returned from the Christmas break on 17th January on Tuesday and we started a new group of Beginners on 19th January after they passed the Assessment Night in December. 
Training Team 
We currently have 6 Instructors and 3 Shadows who assist the Instructors. 
Pat Reynolds takes the Beginners group assisted by Graham Reynolds with Katie Dalrymple and Chloe Thompson Shadowing.  The Early groups are taken by Cheryl Harwood, assisted by Graham Reynolds and Neil Nye who passed the Agility Club Instructors Course in November.  The Middle groups are taken by Tracey Masters, assisted by Katie Dalrymple as Shadow and Ros Ingram.  The Late group are taken by Ann Riches, Graham Reynolds and Tracey Masters. 
The Club runs a very successful Young Kennel Club group on Thursday and this is taken by Tracey Masters assisted by Katie Dalrymple.  We take great pride in this young group who are aged 8 – 16.  They are very keen and attentive in class and are also very good at getting the equipment out every Tuesday. 
Annual Awards 2016 
The following Awards were presented at the Club Annual General Meeting on Friday, 25th November 2016 as decided by the Section Representatives. 
• Donovan Reid Competition Night Trophy            Tracey Masters & Freddy  • Bosun Trophy for Second Place                   Ros Ingram/Neil Nye & Stolli  (Owned by Sylvia Benstead)  • Roscoe Cup for Third place                                            Sophie Fry & Layla  • Best Show Dog & Handler                                              Katie Dalrymple & Wizz  • Most Improved Dog & Handler                                     Lauren Ashby & Meg  • Turned Over a New Leaf Award                                    Catherine Cartwright & Ruby  • The Hugo Award for Best Service to the Section        Natalie & James Dalrymple  • The Jacob Cup for Best Crossbreed & Rescue             Neil Nye & Stanlee  • The Tillington Admiral Cup for the Early group          Vikki Foster & Buzz  • The Megan Shield for Best at Our Show                      Katie Dalrymple & Wizz  •  Achievement Award                                                       Sophie Fry & Layla 
Christmas Party 
The Section had its Christmas Party on 13th December.  The games were, the Tunnel Challenge, Sausage & Spoon Relay and Temptation Alley Relay.  We had a Charity Tombola and food to round off the evening.  There were some very funny moments, particularly in the Temptation Alley Relay when some dogs not only stopped to empty bowls of sausages on their line of jumps but also ventured over the other side to empty the other team’s pots. 
Competition Nights 
 Every 9th Week on Tuesdays is Competition Night where members compete with their classmates doing an agility course for rosettes and points towards trophies presented at the Club AGM.  So far this year we have had 2 Competition Nights.  On t6he 6th December the Early group, who compete for the Tillington Cup, was won by Jackie Reid & Saffie with 5 faults in 58.09 seconds.  Second were Neil Nye & Stanlee and Third Catherine Cartwright & Ruby.  The Middle group, who compete for the Donovan Reid Trophy, was won by Vikki Foster & Buzz with 10 faults in 46.21 seconds.  Second came Chloe Thompson & Finlay and Third came Lauren Ashby & Meg.  The Late group was       Harwood & Jazz with 5 faults in 45.83. 
On 14th March the Early group was won by Amber Moores & Dusty, clear in 50.37 seconds.  Second came Kim Nye & Twix also clear in 50.43 and 3rd was Beatrice Noakes & Maddie, clear in 56.34.  A very close competition with excellent rounds.  The Middle group was won by Lauren Ashby & Meg with 5 faults in 70.18 seconds.  Sophie Fry & Layla came second and Chris Woodrow & Bella came Third.  The Late group was won by Tracey Masters & Freddy who went clear in 40.12 seconds.  Second was Angharad Moore and Jazz, clear in 50.53 with Rosie Verdon & Jazz Third, clear in 53.13.  There are three more 
Competition Nights this year and last year’s winners, Tracey & Freddy lead the Donovan Reid Trophy with 20 points.  The Tillington Admiral Cup has Jackie & Saphie and Amber & Dusty in joint lead with 10 points each. 
The Match with Rother Valley Agility Club 
The Annual Match with Rother Valley took place at Chephurst Farm on Sunday 26th February.  This year we were competing for a wonderful trophy presented by Rother Valley, the Karen Chandler Memorial Trophy.  It was a wonderful day of friendly competition and we ran a Charity Tombola and raised £55 for our charities this year. 
The competition has 3 agility classes with each club entering 6 competitors in each class.  6 points are awarded for first place, 5 for second etc., and the classes are Nursery for those not yet competing, Beginners for those just starting to compete and Open for the more experienced. 
Our Nursery team won their class 14 points to 7 with Chris Woodrow & Bella coming second, Beatrice Noakes & Maddy coming third, Amber Moores & Dusty, 4th, Kim Nye & Twix 5th, Jackie Reid & Saffie 7th, Ros Ingram & Blue 9th and Yvie Thompson & Bella 13th.  Outstanding performances by our members most of whom had only just come up from Beginners. 
Our Beginners group also won their class 14 – 7 with Ros Ingram & Stolli winning the group, Cheryl Harwood & Indy coming second, Lauren Laker 4th, Jackie Reid & Nell 7th, Richard Bryant & Banjo 10th and Chloe Thompson & Finlay 11th. 
We had a very strong Open group on paper as we often have had in the past but this year everything went well and they took 5 of the first 6 places winning the class by a whopping 18 – 3.  Katie Dalrymple & Wizz won the class with a wonderful round, going clear in 35.463.  Tracey Masters & Freddy came 2nd with another exceptional round going clear in 37.159 with Sophie Fry & Layla also clear in a very stylish 37.341.  Cheryl Harwood & Jazz came 5th also clear in 40.951 and Trudy Nye & Lexi were 6th also clear in 45.001.  Angharad Moore & Jazz came a very good 7th with a clear round in 48.460 to complete the rout. 
The final scores were Billingshurst  46      Rother Valley 17. 
 We had lost the last 2 Matches but this huge win was the largest win ever since the Clubs have met.  The Judge, Daniel Slinkert said he noticed a great improvement in the Billingshurst performances and Heidi from Rother Valley said they needed to recruit some young handlers as ours were so good.    
Weave Workshops. 
Weaving is the most difficult obstacle to master and if you can’t weave it is very difficult to compete.  The Section has offered Weave Workshops to members for some years and this has been provided by Pat Reynolds using channel weaves with guides.  This method enables the handler to send the dog into the weaves from a distance.  The guides come off gradually when dogs are weaving with the weaves straight and they can find the entry at angles.  It is a tried and tested method and if done without cutting corners will provide the handler with a dog that will be confident and fast weaving.  Pat gives all fees to our charities. 
Training Day 
Once again we were fortunate to have another Training Day with Leslie Osborne at his place near Chichester on 18th March.  Leslie, a member of Billingshurst for many years is the Captain of our successful Large Team at Crufts this year and has represented Great Britain and been a top handler, trainer and Judge for many years.  His days are always enjoyable as well as very instructive and this year he stretched everyone.  We had 2 sessions, the morning for the less experienced and the afternoon for our senior handlers.  The usual Fish & Chip lunch from the chip shop thanks to Pat was excellent as usual and the weather was kind to us.  Leslie was very impressed with our young handlers who dealt with the experience very well. 
Ring Parties 
We have already provided a Ring Party at the Easter Celebration Show on the 15th April which went very well although it was quite cold.  Our next one is at Vyne on Bank Holiday Monday 1st May.  This is followed by Thames on 11th June, Axstane on 18th June and Surrey which is at Cranleigh the Saturday before our Show on Sunday.9th July.  We have a group who do Ring Parties regularly but we would appreciate any help members can give to share the load.  Ring Parties are a good way of getting more involved in the Section and you can learn a lot from watching the handlers and dogs in the ring and perhaps make new friends in the Club.  We will show you what to do and we spend the day working together. 
This year’s Demonstrations are the BRSA Fete at Jubilee Fields, Billingshurst on Sunday 6th August and the Pulborough Harvest Fayre in September, date to be arranged.  The BRSA Fete is very good and we have perfect running conditions there and a large crowd.  There is also a Dog Show and BBQ and there are plenty of stalls.       
As previously reported our Large Agility team won the Team event this year.  Leslie couldn’t run this year due to a hip operation and a last minute injury to Jane Ling meant Leslie and Stacey’s 14 year old son, Charlie had to run Leslie’s dog.  What a big event for a young fellow to step into.  He did an excellent round of only 10 faults. All the other Clubs had eliminations which cost 100 faults but our team had no eliminations and Stacey, Will & Sue Rolfe only got a few faults to win. 
Also at Crufts we had young Katie Dalrymple and Wizz who qualified for 2 finals.  She was eliminated in the Medium Jumping but came 5th in the ABC 9Anything but a Collie Class.  An excellent result.  Katie is no stranger to Crufts as she has qualified previously and has qualified for next year already.  Katie is a Shadow and helps with the Middle group on Tuesday and the YKC group and Beginners on Thursday.  Well done Katie. 
And Finally 
The Section is very busy and only works due to the efforts of the Trainers, the Section Representatives and the Members who get involved in helping out at our events. Many thanks to you all.
Obedience Section Representatives:  Maureen Strange – Tel: 01293 851170; Les Cocks; Richard Crew; Wendy Fisher; Elaine Heath; Liz Hiles; Alison Poulton; Ann Reynolds: Duncan Reynolds: Graham Reynolds: Pat Reynolds; and Julia Wrathall.   *Note: Representatives highlighted in bold are also members of the Main Committee
Obedience Classes
There are four Obedience Pet Dog Training Classes: - Beginners, Advanced Beginners, Intermediate and Top.  Numbers are limited to 8-10 dogs for each Class. 
Beginner Course:  Jan 2017
I had the pleasure of teaching the first Beginners classes of the year with the help of the lovely Sumiko. It was an unusually early start back after the Christmas and New Year festivities but everyone seemed refreshed and eager. The handlers, and their dogs, did a grand job throughout the course; it can be very hard at the end of a working day particularly in January/February when it is still dark early in the evening. Congratulations to everyone. We wish them all the very best in whatever they do with their dogs.
Alison Poulton Beginner Class Instructor  
Report on 3-way match held on 2nd April at Worplesdon Memorial Hall.
I would like to thank all the handlers for taking part in the match with their dogs.  It was a great day and everyone seemed happy if they were also a tad nervous...
We did have 2 handlers that took on this match having not done much if any obedience and that was Maureen and Febo and Tracey Masters from agility with her dog Freddy.
SURREY hosted the March this year and we all enjoyed their lovely cakes. At first the results were South Eastern in first place SURREY in second and Billingshurst 3rd place.... well after reading the results again it all changed... So the final results are: SURREY in first place Billingshurst second and South Eastern in last place.   So we are so pleased for those who took part and we came second without 2 C handlers...
Also thankyou to those that came to support the teams - well done all again...
 Anne Burge
Once again this year, it was decided that from the autumn the Top and Intermediate classes would work alternative weeks, this enables the class to be able to start from 9 pm and work for 45 minutes or so! Now that spring is here and the evenings are lighter, the Top class will move outside onto the playing field to do Rally 0. During the last 8 weeks the class of which there are 10 dogs and handlers, have been working on retrieve, find the toy, walk back with and without sit and down positions and Heelwork to Music manoeuvers which have been fun and motivating for both handler and dog, it has inspired some to find a piece of music and regularly practise. So on the final week of this course (Wednesday 26th April)   the handlers have been set a challenge to design their own routine to music, which I am sure they are working hard on as I write this article for the Newsletter. Well done to you all, I’m very much looking forward to seeing the end results! Marion Clarke.    
After much perseverance, patience, clicking and rewarding, Fia and I made it to the Top Class, held at 9 pm on alternative weeks in Bucks Green Village Hall. It was in Top Class that we were introduced to the delights of Heelwork to Music/Canine Freestyle.  You may have seen owners and dogs performing together on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ or on ‘You Tube’ clips from Crufts. So, what is Heelwork to Music/Canine Freestyle?  It is a relatively new and exciting canine activity that originates from obedience and uses the heelwork element of that sport that is choreographed and set to music.   With previous dogs, I found that competitive obedience wasn’t for me but here was a chance to try something new.  I had no aspirations to do HTM but I was prepared to give it a go and found that Fia has an aptitude for it.  By using positive training techniques, in my case the clicker, food and praise, Fia is learning to maintain a heelwork position and move at a variety of speeds in various directions, with the occasional manoeuvre such as a spin in front or beside me, figure of 8 through the legs and leg weaves.  Since I have been doing this the bond between us has developed.   In class, we have been practising our moves to the Abba track Dancing Queen.  Fia is a black German Shepherd Dog so I chose Fleetwood Mac’s version of Black Magic Woman, which I play in the garden when we are practising.  The lyrics seemed appropriate and when I turn on the music she is ready to dance.  I use the line ‘Turn your back on me baby’ for the spins/twists and ask her to weave through my legs to the words ‘Stop messin’ ‘round with your tricks’.   I was really looking forward to showing off on test night but then realised that I will be away ….. I’m not giving up yet so after the summer session of Rally O, my black magic woman and I will be going back to the 9 pm class and we will be carrying on with our tricks. Lorraine Forehead     
Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Elaine Heath, Obedience Instructor
On 27th November 2016 we met in Horsham Park to hold tests at Silver and Gold level.
Our judge on the day was Mark Watton who has judged for us in the past.  Mark is very considerate of the fact that handlers are likely to be nervous but also very fair.
For some reason the tests are always held in November and I am always careful to avoid Rememberance Sunday as I’ve made that mistake in the past.  But no-one told me about the Santa Fun Run.  This year there was a twist ... it was the Santa vs Elves Fun Run.  The Santa run is a lovely idea and is for a very worthy charity, St Catherine’s Hospice.  So we had the added distractions of  - you guessed it – Santas and Elves running around the park accompanied, of course, by some very loud music.  You couldn’t make it up!
There was of course no need for concern as the dogs coped extremely well with the distractions and the noise and even the occasional loose dog who appeared to want to join proceedings.  Handlers, as is always the case in these situations, were very supportive of one another which is lovely and of course one of the reasons why our club is so successful.
Our winners on the day at Silver Level were Julia with Bridie, Lorraine with Fia, Liz with Isla and Lynne with Rebel.  And our winner at Gold Level was Jo with Lola.
The candidates and judge from left to  right are: • Heather Pope with Troy • Liz Brendon with Isla • Lynne Stringer with Rebel • Julia Wrathall with Bridie • Jo MacLeod with Lola • Mark Watton (Judge) • Lorraine Forehead with Fia
Congratulations to everyone, all of whom worked so hard.  It was a most enjoyable morning and to celebrate we retired to the coffee shop for much needed refreshments.  Until Jo rushed in to tell us she’d lost her keys - so that was the end of the coffee break!  Luckily a member of the public found them before too long.  But we won’t be letting her forget about those keys ...
I am planning to hold tests at Bronze Level in Rudgwick Hall on Wednesday 10th May.  If you would like to know more about the scheme then please let me know.  Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme.  Elaine Heath, Obedience Instructor
Congratulations Tracey! Elaine Heath, Obedience Instructor
Anyone who has any interest in the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme within the club will know that Tracey Masters has helped us out on numerous occasions to judge our Bronze Level Tests.  Tracey has been a judge at Silver level also for some time.   Recently however she passed the KC Examiner Assessment Course in order to judge at Gold Level too.  This puts Tracey on the A1 List of Examiners!  We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Tracey for all her hard work in achieving this status – it’s not an easy test.  And give advanced warning that we’ll certainly be calling on her services in the future!  Well done Tracey!
Thank you Richard... Elaine Heath, Obedience Instructor
Barriers are used very effectively in some of the earlier classes in order to help some of the more excitable dogs to focus.  Unfortunately though they do get knocked about in the storage cupboard.  We are once again grateful to Richard for his excellent carpentry skills in putting several of them back together again. Thank you Richard!
Back in late October 2016 it was mentioned to Lola and I that we may want to undertake the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Gold Test in November. We had already pulled out the previous year due to lack of training (on my part) and a busy life.  So it was now or never. Lola has been in the Top Class at Billingshurst dog club for many years now, and after looking at the list of exercises that we needed to complete I thought it wouldn’t be too difficult.  A couple of the exercises where I thought we needed more practice were “Go to Bed” and “Stays”. The Go to Bed meant I had to be 10 paces away (at least) and be able to send her to a mat to lie down. The Stays were for 2 mins with 30 seconds out of sight. Lola has an issue with out of sight…..!
So, the practice began…..we started at home and things were going well. We practiced several times a week. I then decided to take the mat out on a walk and tried it in a field….she looked at me as if she had no idea what I wanted her to do. I couldn’t believe it, it was the same mat, I had my clicker and treats and she did it at home. What was wrong with her?? I then tried the stay.  She managed only 30 seconds with me insight. Oh my goodness - what had happened? (And of course - what had I gotten myself into?). I tried again.  In fact I tried the mat about 30 times that day in the field with myself getting more and more stressed. I tried the stay again and again but she would not stay. This resulted with me in tears and Lola looking so confused (thinking about it now, it breaks my heart remembering her face as she just didn’t get it). We gave up and went home (best decision). At home and one frantic email later to one of our Obedience Instructors – you know who you are! - ranting about how bad it was and how we are not even going to do the mock etc. etc. it suddenly became clear (with advice of course) - she didn’t understand what I was asking of her. She doesn’t know the words go to your mat…she just knows that going to the mat at home meant she got a reward, but taking the mat out of the context of the home environment she just didn’t get it. I know this may sound simple but for me it was a real light bulb moment. It was pointed out to me that as Jean Donaldson (author of ‘The Culture Clash’) maintains ... if a dog doesn’t do something then it is only ever because of one of two reasons. 1.  The dog doesn’t understand what he’s being asked to do.   2.  The reward is not sufficient. Lola just didn’t understand.  So I got a grip.  I stopped crying about it, changed Mats (as I had really ruined that previous mat with my behaviour in the field that day – there was no way Lola was going near it). I read the handout on ‘Generalisation’ I was sent (brilliant) and we started again. Over the next 2 weeks (a week before the mock) we practiced before work, after work, later in the evening EVERYDAY and EVERY exercise on the list just to be sure there were no other surprises! The mat came with us on every walk, to my friend Louise’s house (who has Lola during the day) to practice at every opportunity.  The Mat was smelly,  Dirty and was now being referred to by a name which is, quite frankly, unrepeatable for a family newsletter, but it was working! At the mock she went perfectly to the mat. She did however not stay for the full time but it was OK, we had another week to work on it.  No tears and tantrums from me (or Lola).  We were so close....
The night before the test Lola and I had a conversation regarding how the result didn’t really matter because we had tried our best – so no pressure.  The day arrived.  In Horsham Park on a Sunday morning - with the additional distractions of a fun run going on and loud music - she went straight to her mat.  And she did a full stay with me going out of sight for the first time ever. WE PASSED GOLD! (And the mat finally got washed – thank goodness).  So what has this experience taught me?  • The fact that getting stressed and having a tantrum does not solve this type of situation, I only made it worse. This should be fun - not pressure. • Dogs don’t ‘generalise’ situations or training without practice. It is like seeing someone in a uniform at work, then seeing them in a supermarket in jeans and a T-shirt, you recognise them but can’t place them. • Practice and training really do work, having done the “mat” a year ago in the top class I just assumed Lola would be able to do it despite not practicing at all. Let’s put this in perspective, I revised for my GCSE’s some years ago but could I do an exam tomorrow without revising?
 No.  My expectations for Lola were unrealistic. However if you put in the effort you will get the results. • Training for the gold has enhanced the bond Lola and I have further - after the initial tantrum thing.  Something “clicked” with me during this and now nothing training-wise seems impossible.
Note:  If you are interested in dog behaviour, and you have not read ‘The Culture Clash’, then maybe you should?  
                         WORKING TRIALS
Working Trials Section Representatives:  C.C Guard – Tel: 01428 707620; Valerie Harrison. *Note: Representatives highlighted in bold are also members of the Main Committee    
Working Trials is held at Dedisham Manor Farm on most Sunday mornings.  We are guests of the farmers, Peter and Valerie Harrison – who invite us into their home for coffee before training starts.  We meet at 9.00 am.  Please be punctual. Please ring before attending to ensure there will be someone there to help you.
FLYBALL   Flyball Representatives:  Graham Reynolds – Tel: 01403 784002.   e-mail: graham.reynolds13
We are organising another Flyball Course at Dedisham Farm by kind permission of Valerie and Peter Harrison.  It is a wonderful venue for Flyball being on an enclosed outdoor Riding School on grass.  
Flyball is a great fun summer activity and we are offering a 10 week Course starting on Monday 13th June until 29th August.  The extra two weeks are to allow for bad weather as it is dangerous to do flyball when the ground is wet.  If the weather is good you will get all  12 weeks for just £30.  
Those attending need to be at the farm just before 7pm on each Monday to help set up the lanes.  We usually finish about 8.30pm depending on the light which is usually good at this time of year. We are giving those who have attended before priority but we do have room for new members who have not done it before.  Your dog needs to be fit and be keen on balls.  During the Course we run competitions as you are learning and there is a “Top Dog” Trophy presented at the AGM for the fastest Dog.    All profits from the Course will go to our Charities for the Year as usual.  If you would like to join us please contact Graham as above.
Charity News
 Each year  different charity/charities are chosen by Billingshurst Dog Training Club for which we try to raise funds through various events and personal donations, and for 2017, we have chosen  These 2 animal charities. SUSSEX CARING PETS and MEDICAL DETECTION DOGS. Please help BDTC to raise funds for these worthwhile charities.
AMOUNT RAISED so far....£314.00
Sussex Caring Pets have teams of volunteers who take their temperament assessed therapy support dogs and cats to visit those who would benefit from the stimulus of interaction with an animal whether they are in  hospitals, hospices, residential care homes, or in main or special needs schools. A large proportion of their therapy support dogs go into residential care homes, nursing homes, sheltered accommodation and hospices to visit elderly residents, either in communal lounges or similar areas, or in residents’ own rooms, but always with staff supervision. These visits trigger a lot of memories for the people we visit, and we find that the residents enjoy telling us about their own pets that they’ve had. MEDICAL DETECTION DOGS
Medical Detection Dogs trains dogs to detect the odour of human disease. It is at the forefront of the research into the fight against cancer and helping people with life-threatening diseases. Their Bio-Detection Dogs are trained to find the odour of diseases, such as cancer, in samples such as urine, breath and swabs. Their Medical Alert Assistance Dogs are trained to detect minute changes in an individual’s personal odour triggered by their disease and alert them to an impending medical event. They receive no government funding for the work they do, and rely entirely on the generosity of donations from trusts and the public.
 Medical Detection Dogs, a charity that works with NHS trusts, has been given approval from Milton Keynes University Hospital for more trials to detect prostate cancer.  This is the most common cancer in UK men with around 112 men diagnosed with the disease every day.  Dogs can detect the presence of the disease from a urine sample, and it is hoped this will be more effective than the current prostate specific antigen test. 
Members Articles   
 Visiting Scotland with your pooch?
Then stock up on poo bags; from 1st April the fine for not picking up Fido’s mess is increasing from £40 to £80. 
KCGCDS – new guidelines - thanks to BDTC!
In 2015 the Main Committee, at the request of the Obedience Section, contacted the Kennel Club to ask for the guidelines to the Good Citizen Dog Scheme to be reviewed.  Up until that time the use of harnesses was not permitted for any dog going through the scheme other than for medical reasons – of the dog.  
However Assistance Dogs often wear harnesses. In fact it is often the harness which is the signal to the dog that he/she is in ‘work’ mode for his disabled client. And increasingly non-disabled owners are choosing to use a harness to walk and train their dogs for animal welfare reasons. We are delighted to report that new guidelines to the scheme were issued by the Kennel Club effective from 6th April 2016 permitting, among other things, the use of harnesses.  Other changes were also included.  For example, in line with the new legislation which requires all dogs to be microchipped, all dogs will have to be scanned to prove they are compliant. BDTC ought to be proud that we have helped make such a difference - and well done to the Kennel Club for taking our suggestions on board.                                                                                          Elaine Heath
Lauren Ashby at The Kennel Club
“Lauren had such an amazing day being shown around The Kennel Club tailored the day to her particular interests of spaniels/poodles & Agility and then Lauren had a lovely lunch with The KC Secretary Caroline Kisko with lots of doggy chat so she was in her absolute element"
 Thank you
As a fairly new member to Billingshurst dog club I have found that I have really enjoyed agility. As a complete novice and with a nutty working cocker, I thought we would have been expelled after the first few evenings! Instead we were praised for trying our best and Bailey got the ‘Special’ award twice. I have been fortunate to have 2 young girls Katie, who completely understands my dog, and Sophie who is calm and understanding, supporting me. These two girls have been amazing. They are both teenagers giving their time for free because they want to. I am very grateful of their support, knowledge and maturity and I believe Billinghurst dog club are lucky to have them. I wonder how long it will be before Lauren joins the team!
Samantha Wild
If you have any articles, pictures or other submissions for Dog Ends please send them to the new Editor, Samantha Wild at at any time throughout the year. It would be lovely to have pictures of you and your dogs with your articles, or pictures of you receiving rewards. These are huge achievements which would be great to share with everyone in the club.                                                                                                                                          



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