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Hi everyone,


I do hope everyone is keeping well and have not been affected too badly by the terrible virus that is causing havoc with everyone’s lives, not forgetting our dear dogs and cats who are no doubt suffering by their confusion into what’s coming next for them.


I wonder if you could please all do me a favour.  Could you please encourage all those in your classes or your section in the club to please read the website if they have that facility.  We will be using the website to keep everyone informed of what we are doing during these uncertain times.  Thank you.


I wanted to let you know where we are with the management of the club at the moment.  As you are no doubt aware we are in our AGM period now, but this has had to be delayed for the time being.  The Kennel Club are saying that all registered clubs need to hold their AGM’s by next year’s date, so we can hold 2 AGM’s on the same day, which would seem to make sense.  That does raise an issue in getting our accounts agreed for the past year, and also agreeing our officers for the coming year.


We have held one management meeting via Zoom recently which was a success, but I think for the numbers we would expect at an AGM that would not be practicable.  At our next meeting we will discuss how best to let our membership know the state of the club financially, which of course has been affected by the lack of course fees and also new members joining the club.  However, because we have some funds in reserve we remain in a strong financial position.


Officers -  all current officers are happy to remain in post for another year, unless anyone would like to put their names forward.


Training - With regard to training, both agility and obedience have been training again recently, although unfortunately due to the latest lockdown they have had to put that on hold again.  They are hoping to run a couple of classes in each section before the Christmas break.  Please keep a look out for advice from instructors as to when they are training.


Shows – the Obedience Show is booked again for 2021, and everything is in place for that to go ahead on the 26th June at Horsham Rugby Club.  Please put the date in your diary as we will need help setting the show up on the Friday, 25th June, and taking the show down and loading the trailer, etc., on Sunday 27th June.


Sadly the Agility Show that we have been running for many years, has been cancelled.  With my continuing health problems, and the likelihood of further surgery in the next few months - I am one of the lucky ones and have had 2 new knees in the last 6 months, but other replacement bits maybe needed or certainly repaired, such as shoulders and hip and therefore I cannot commit to running the agility show.  Once everything is repaired my beautiful Boacea will not be able to keep up with me!!!!  If there is someone who would be prepared to take over the running of the show, obviously with my full support please let me know as we would love for the show to continue from 2022.


Membership.  As many of you will be aware, membership for 2021 needs to be renewed from 1st January 2021.  I will be sending the membership forms out by post in the next few weeks.  If you can please send the forms back as soon as possible together with payment – Trudy, our Treasurer, has put out an appeal for payment to be made via BACS, which will make her life a lot easier as it will save a trip to the bank for her, as she is trying to stay away from the town as much as possible.  Thank you.


I hope I have covered some of our admin. tasks at the moment.  If you need to contact me please do so at rather than the dog club email address which my system does not like at the moment.  I do hope you all stay well and I look forward to seeing you all back at club in the New Year.  In the meantime have a safe time at Christmas.


Pat Reynolds


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You can now pay your course fees and membership subscriptions online.

Contact Trudy at for the bank details.

Your forms will still need to be returned to the relevant people, i.e. Treasurer/Membership Secretary in respect of Membership Forms; Pat Reynolds in respect of Application Forms for Obedience – both pet obedience and competition obedience; Graham Reynolds for Agility.


BDTC Charities

Amont donated £660.00

See Charity page


This years charity elected at the AGM were Pets As Therapy and Battersea Dogs Home (details on the charity page).

Due to the problems caused by Covid 19, these charities will be carried over to the next year. 


Charities 2015: Kit Wilson Aged Dog Accommodation and WADARS: Money raised £3000.
Charities 201
War Dogs Remembered and Animal Health Trust: Money raised £2100.

Charities 2017: Sussex Caring Pets and Medical Detection Dogs: Money raised £1600. 

Charities 2018: Blind Dog Rescue and Pet Blood Bank: Money raised £1900.

Charity 2019: Garbo's GSDR: Money raised £2600.

Charities 2020: Battersea Dogs Home and Pets as Therapy: money donated £660.00


Charity Coordinator Sue Salisbury:





Don't forget to check out the BDTC Facebook page. Just log in and contact the administrator to join the group.





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