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Chair – Eunice Pearson

Secretary – Pat Reynolds

Treasurer – Trudy Nye

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BACK AT LAST............Yippee!!!

Lockdown 3 has finally been lifted and I am sure everybody is pleased to get back to their chosen doggy activity, and with the prospects of jabs for all, surely life can only improve for both dogs and their handlers. (Providing we all are sensible about it). It will still be trying with the current restrictions that will need to be in place, but we can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel! Phew!!

Lockdown has probably not been kind to us (and our dogs) in the fitness department, so now we are finally allowed to start Agility/Obedience/Flyball/Working Trials again, please ensure that you...and your dogs are fully fit.



As you are probably aware ‘DOG ENDS’ has been a little sparse over the last year, but I am trying to keep members up to date of what is happening at BDTC. We have continued to hold meetings within all sections (via ZOOM) and I must say they are becoming slicker every time we have one. And strangely enough we tend to have a full contingency of committee members partaking. (Maybe they have nothing else to do.)

Membership is obviously down at the moment, but DON’T forget you will need to be a fully paid up member to participate in your chosen activity. You will also need to have a fully paid up membership to participate otherwise you WON'T be insured. Both the Agility and Obedience sections at now paying in full at their venues, so the club financially needs all the help it can get. (check out the ways you can pay in the section below.)

The Agility Show is definitely cancelled, and it will be decided at the next committee meeting whether the Obedience Show will be viable.

Plans are progressing for some events later in the year (restrictions allowing), just check out the rest of ‘DOGENDS’ to find out what is in store. 


Further down the page there is also a mystery for members to try and solve......Hopefully someone can be of use!

If you want to add a picture of you, your dogs, or both, or want to tell the world (well, BDTC) just what you have been doing to survive this mad year, just send it to me at 

and i will be pleased to add it.

In the meantime STAY SANE!! And enjoy your dogs. (P.S. I am sure our 4 legged friends have certainly helped us get through the last year. How lucky we are to have them!)                                                                                                                                                                                                        THE ED!











Obedience Section Representatives:  Maureen Strange – Tel: 01293 851170; Les Cocks; Richard Crew; Elaine Heath; Alison Poulton; Ann Reynolds: Duncan Reynolds: Graham Reynolds: Pat Reynolds; and Julia Wra



We are planning to start up classes again on 19th May taking into account what the covid restrictions allow us to do. We will not have our full complement of trainers as some are still unable to commit due to their home life situations around the coronavirus.


We plan to hold the top and intermediate classes outside on the playing fields and the beginner and advanced beginner in the hall.


To make it easier to cater for the classes  Valerie very kindly offered the use of her school.  This will be considered and a decision made.  Thank you Valerie.


The Competition Class - by Pat:

We are also planning to return to training on the 19th May.  We are hoping to work outside with our class starting at 6.00 p.m. going onto 7.00 p.m.  We will then need to vacate the field so one of the other pet classes can commence their training.





Section Representatives: Graham Reynolds – Tel: 01403 784002,  Neil Nye – Tel: 07769814194,  Roz Ingram, Tracey Masters, Jackie Reid, Pat Reynolds, Ann Riches, Kate Russell, Sue Salisbury, Chris Woodrow.




Since the last committee meeting, we have held another Zoom meeting with the Agility section. The majority of members seem to have success in joining the meeting. It must be all the practice we have had over lockdowns.

Regarding the restart, it was agreed that bi-weekly classes should start on Tuesday 18th May, with one class being run at a time in the school. Trainers would be responsible for ensuring all covid procedures are maintained and the rule of six must be followed.  It was agreed that to comfortably maintain a high level of safety, there will be no companions with handlers in the school until after restrictions are lifted.

On the subject of training, Roz will be returning to train her class at the club, but for health reasons it won’t be straight away. Tracey asked for help in the interim period and both Anne and Neil offered their assistance. It was agreed that once classes re-start, the same format will be followed for an eight week period until the 8th July. By this time, a meeting will have been held to decide how classes will be structured and who is training each class.

All members agreed class numbers should be kept to six for the time being.

Our fees will not be increased as they are currently in line with other clubs in the area. 

All members agreed that it would be nice to hold our friendly (well friendly..ish) match against Rother Valley if we are able, and the best time to hold a match with them will be this September or October. This is to ensure both dogs and handlers will be fitter and the weather warmer.

At the meeting, Sue offered to promote the BDTC clothing at training nights. There would be a choice between sweatshirts, polo shirts and t-shirts. Pat will send the clothing company contact details to Sue so a medium set can be ordered for club members to see what the clothing looks like, e.g. quality, colour, size, etc.

Kate enquired if the DOGENDS newsletter could be sent electronically to all members to keep them in touch with the clubs goings on. Neil explained that for various historical data protection reasons, it isn’t an option, and that is why it is posted on the website. Kate also offered to help with any digital communications if required.

Sue asked if a mention can be put out in the next email or newsletter that for safety reasons only one person is required to help in the equipment store during the pandemic. This has been added to the agility report as requested in the online copy of DOGENDS.

Graham has recently had a phone call from one of our longest serving members, Richard Crew, who called to let him know that he had to have Bertie put to sleep.  Bertie was 15 and had a long agility career with BDTC.  He was an excellent partner for Richard and they ran well together.  Richard has been greatly missed at agility now that Robbie has retired. 

On another sad note Tara Evans is retiring Maisie.  Tests have shown she lost sight in one eye, probably due to a blood clot. She sends her best wishes to everyone and thanks us for her very enjoyable time at the club and our excellent training.  If she gets another dog she will be back!!

The next Zoom Agility meeting will be held on the 7th May at 8pm.




Working Trials Section Representatives:  Stan Ford – 01306 712298; Valerie Harrison.

Sadly the venue has been in lockdown due to shielding since last March, therefore the Working Trials section has not been operating.



Graham Reynolds – Tel: 01403 784002.  Email: graham.reynolds13

We can now offer an 8 week Flyball Course starting on Monday, 28th June.  They take place every Monday at 7 pm until approximately 8.15 pm at Dedisham Manor Farm, Slinfold by kind permission of Valerie and Peter Harrison.  It is an excellent venue and we use an outside grass iding school which is enclosed.There will be 12 places and existing Members are being given first option to apply.  If your dog is keen on balls and is sociable with other dogs and people it will be fun to learn this sport.  We will be asking you to help set up and  Covid measures will be in place if necessary.  Social distancing and masks may be worn when setting up and gloves will be worn for the whole session supplied by the Club.  Single runs will be used if the virus is prevalent at the time.  Once everyone is reasonably able we have some fun competitions and end with a Top Dog competition for a Trophy presented at the AGM.

The cost of the Course will be £30 all of which is donted to the Club Charities every year.

Please book early with Graham Reynolds on 01403 784002 or email




One of “DOGENDS”  past editors, Julia Wrathall, has asked me to help her solve a Valentines mystery. If this was you, contact Julia if you know her email or let me know on and i will forward the message to her!                                                                                                                                                                                 The Ed!


Some of you may remember my lovely Gordon Setter Hobson - oversized, rather goofy and very, very enthusiastic! He loved agility and he also loved quite a few of the girl dogs who did the BDTC agility classes with him! In some cases (though not all!), his love was returned by said lady dogs. I was going through some old papers the other day and came across a Valentine's card, addressed to Hobson and written (with their human's help!) by a mystery canine admirer. I think it’s just fantastic and brings back lots of happy memories! Unfortunately, I can't remember for certain who it was from. I think I might know, but I wondered if any of the agility 'long termers' could help. It would have been about 15 or so years ago!

Many thanks                                          Julia


"My true love is Hobson.

He's a Gordon Setter.

I meet him in a tunnel

But on an A frame would be better.


My life is like a see-saw,

Full of 'ups and downs'

'Cos I very rarely see him

With four feet upon the ground.


I meet him nearly every week.

I'm sure there is some talk.

We often stand together

Before doing the dog walk.


Our relationship is 'in and out'

It really makes me weave.

Sometimes I think we’re 'poles apart'

But in true love, I do believe!"



Our estemed Chair Eunice spotted these in the Cinammon Trust Newsletter and asked me to share them with all the BDTC members..... The Ed!


Poetry Corner 

Both of these will bring a tear, or more, so have your tissues ready! 


Pets Point of View 

My life is likely to last 10 to 15 years. Any separation from you will be painful for me. Remember that before you get me. 

Don't be angry with me for long, and don't lock me up as punishment. You have your work, entertainment and friends. I only have you.. 

Talk to me sometimes. Even if I don't understand your words, I understand your voice. 

Be aware that however you treat me, I'll never forget.. 

Please don't hit me.. 

Before you scold me for being uncooperative, obstinate, or lazy, ask yourself if something might be bothering me.. .

Perhaps I'm not getting the right foods, or l've been out in the sun too long, or my heart is getting old or weak. 

Take care of me when I get old. You too will grow old. 

Go with me on difficult journeys. Never say "i can't bear to watch", or "let it happen in my absence". Everything is easier for me if you are there.

Remember.... I LOVE YOU. 


Lisa Dower (Buckinghamshire) who is lifelong foster mum to Barney and Dougal: 


When Tomorrow Starts Without Me

When tomorrow starts without me,

And I'm not there to see;,

The sun will rise and find your eyes,

All filled with tears for me. 


I know how much you love me,

As much as I love you;

And each time that you think of me,

I know you'll miss me too. 


But, when tomorrow starts without me,

Please try to understand;

That an Angel came and called my name,

And patted me with her hand.. 


I thought about our lives together,,

I know you must be sad;;

I thought of all the love we shared,

And all the fun we had.


So, when tomorrow starts without me,

Don't think we're far apart;

For every time you think of me,,

I'm right there in your heart.


Myron and June Peacock (Hampshire): 


DOG LAW TALK 19/09/21

In association with Trevor Cooper, BDTC is planning on holding the very informative Dog Law talk at Rudgwick Village Hall on 19th September.

With more dog owners now on the scene, make sure you keep on the right side of the law when out with your canine pals. The talk is to help dog owners through the legal nightmares of owning a dog. More details are now available on the Noticeboard!




Charity Coordinator Sue Salisbury. email:

Charities 2015: Kit Wilson Aged Dog Accommodation and WADARS: Money raised £3000.
Charities 2016:
 War Dogs Remembered and Animal Health Trust: Money raised £2100.

Charities 2017: Sussex Caring Pets and Medical Detection Dogs: Money raised £1600. 

Charities 2018: Blind Dog Rescue and Pet Blood Bank: Money raised £1900.

Charity 2019: Garbo's GSDR: Money raised £2600

Money raised and donated to Battersea and Pets As Therapy in 2020 : £660.00


Each year a different charity/charities is chosen by Billingshurst Dog Training Club for which we raise funds through various events and personal donations, and for 2020, we have chosen Pets as Therapy and Battersea Dogs Home. We will continue to support these chosen charities during 2021.

Please help BDTC to raise funds for these worthwhile charities.






Established in 1860, they are one of just a few animal rescue centres that run a non-selective intake policy. This means they accept any breed of animal, at any age, including dogs or cats with serious medical and behavioural problems. 

Their expert team of dog trainers and veterinary staff give the animals in their care the best possible chance of a fresh start in a happy new home.

They work hard to educate the public about responsible pet ownership including microchipping, neutering and training. This includes educational talks and visits to schools and organisations, events, and publications. 



Pets As Therapy is a national charity founded in 1983 by Lesley Scott-Ordish.
They enhance health and wellbeing in the community through the visits of trusted volunteers with their behaviourally assessed animals. They provide a visiting service in hospitals, hospices, nursing and care homes, special needs schools and a variety of other venues all across the UK.


Their therapeutic visits:

  • Enhance lives in our communities by providing companionship and friendship and helps to tackle loneliness.
  • Improve the lives of people suffering from debilitating mental and physical health conditions and illnesses such as Autism, Dementia and Stroke by including animal assisted interventions as part of a holistic approach to treatment.
  • Improve literacy in children by developing their confidence, interest and enjoyment in reading through our read2dogs scheme.




The best way to pay your course fees and membership subscriptions is online. It is the quickest and easiest way to pay the club.

Contact Trudy at for the bank details. 

However, the treasurer has reminded me that if you wish to pay a cheque, please can your write out the clubs full name BILLINGSHURST DOG TRAINING CLUB as the banks are getting a bit strict on how the name is written.

Your forms will still need to be returned to the relevant people, i.e. Treasurer/Membership Secretary in respect of Membership Forms; Pat Reynolds in respect of Application Forms for Obedience – both pet obedience and competition obedience; Graham Reynolds for Agility. The club will accept emailed copies of the membership form.



Surrey Embroidery are the suppliers of BDTC’s clothing

Check out the items below on the Surrey Embroidery website: 

(type the codes below into the search bar at the bottom of the catalogue list.)

Either phone them, contact them via the contact page, or email them with your order at the address below.


Sweatshirts – Navy:   RX 301: £18.60 

Hoodies:     265M French Navy:  £27.50

Rugby Shirts:   FR100 Navy with white collar: £28.00

Polo Shirts RX101 – Navy or white: £16.60 

T shirts Ladies GD95 – Navy or White: £13.60

T shirts Unisex/Mens GD05 – Navy or White: £13.60

Jackets:  PW171 – Navy: £29.60    RG211 – Navy: £25.15 subject to availability    

RG125 – Navy: £39.95 subject to availability  

Cap:  RC050 Navy: £13.70 (embroidered logo will be smaller to fit cap)

Body Warmer RS214 – Navy : £30.30

These prices were correct at time of publication.


Prices include garment, embroidery, vat and p+p, i.e. everything included to receive an individual order.

They will send an invoice with the garment.

Please note, Surrey Embroidery do not accept Card Payments so people can pay by BACS, Cheque or Cash. 

The Surrey Embroidery Co Ltd,

The Old Coach House,

1 Fengates Road,



RH1 6AG.

Tel: 01737 761666, Fax: 01737 780666. 

BACS payments: The Surrey Embroidery co. Ltd, NatWest Plc, Sort: 60-04-35, Account No.: 52236269



I hope you all enjoyed this copy of ‘DOG ENDS’ and have found something of interest.

If you need to find anything out about Billingshurst Dog Training Club, the best place is to check out the website which I try to keep updated regularly.

If you have anything you would like added (or put in ‘DOG ENDS’) e.g. results, articles, notices, something doggy to sell/wanted etc, or maybe a picture of you and/or your dog in action in your doggy discipline, please contact me at, and I will be pleased to add it.

Contributions for the next issue and website are always gratefully received.   

NOTE: we will not be printing 'DOGENDS' until further notice. 

As ever, a very big thankyou to all of you who contributed to this edition of ‘DOG ENDS’

                                                                                                        The Ed.


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