Billingshurst Dog Training Club has been training dogs in West Sussex for over sixty years.

The club is open to all types of dogs, from puppies and rescue dogs to dogs of more advanced age. We operate classes in Obedience (both competitive and pet), Agility, Working Trials and Flyball.

The club's objectives are to help our members train their dogs to become well behaved companions, and to develop a standard of training so that those members who wish to compete in any discipline with their dogs may do so. 




The Obedience classes are open to all breeds and cater for all ages from puppies to more advanced dogs, leading to Competition Obedience. The Obedience classes are held at Rudgwick Village Hall. 


The Agility classes are open to all breeds and grades of dogs with a minimum of obedience control and must be at least 12 months old. The classes are held at Chephurst Farm in Bucks Green.     


Working Trials is traditionally open to all breeds but tend to be the more experienced dog and involves a mixture of nosework, control and agility. However BDTC due to the decline in popularity of  Working trials over the last few years, have decided to offer participants a predominantly Nosework and Tracking course once a year. The course will take place at Dedisham Manor near Slinfold.



The Flyball class is fun and non competitive (well only in a fun way), aimed at motivating you and your dog to work as a team and learn a new sport. Flyball is open to all sizes and breeds but numbers are very limited (existing members only). All Flyball subscriptions go directly to this years chosen charities. Flyball takes place at Dedisham Manor near Slinfold. The Flyball class has unfortunately been put on hold till further notice.



We look forward to seeing you at Billingshurst Dog Training Club in the future. 


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