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Agility is one of the fastest growing dog sports in the country. It is great fun for both dog and handler, who have to work in partnership to master various pieces of equipment including jumps, tunnels, dog walk, seesaw and weaves and complete the various manoeuvres necessary to succeed at this fun sport.


At Billingshurst Dog Training Club we use motivational methods such as food, toys, play and praise to train our dogs and frown on any harsh handling or negative treatment of the dogs.

The Agility classes are open to all breeds of dog aged at least 12 months old, although you cannot compete till your dog is 18 months old. The dog will need to wear a flat collar with no additions other than a "D" ring and you will need to train your dog with the assistance of toys and food. You will definitely need to attend Agility classes regularly to progress in the sport of Agility.


Beginners classes run on a Thursday evening and you can progress right up to the competition group on Tuesday evenings, via a series of classes and assessments run by our group of very competent instructors. The classes run for a 8 week period of which the final night is a fun competition. Don't worry though, even the best dogs/owners make mistakes!

At the Billingshurst Dog Training Club Agility section there is always a waiting list, so put your name down early to avoid a long wait.

Visit our contact page to find details on how to join the Agility group.



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